"As the name of her studio suggests, Alice Cotter has perched herself in our daughter’s life like a songbird. Alice makes music a gentle and joyful experience. Obviously, through the years, she has collected the soft and structural pieces of her own love for playing music, as well as her interest in theory and pedagogy, and, with them, has built a nest-like studio in which Frances feels secure and adventurous enough to express, play with and grow her passions—not just for music, but for learning and for trying new things.  And did I say, each night when I pick Frances up from an hour with Alice, she reports two things consistently: 1) 'She blew my mind,' and 2) 'I want to learn from Alice every single day.' We feel infinitely lucky to call Alice ours."  — The Hamilton Family, Truckee, CA

"My wild and crazy four-year-old son has never been more focused than he is during his lessons with Alice. Her gentle tone and no-pressure teaching style have captivated him, and he is so motivated to learn from her. It's been magical to watch him have this much fun playing piano." —Emily Dubansky

"Alice was Jordy's first music teacher, introducing him to the piano several years ago. She has a gift for motivating aspiring musicians, and sharing an infectious enthusiasm for learning about and performing music. We were sad when Alice left Truckee several years ago but couldn't quibble with the reason. She went to pursue her PhD in Musicology from Princeton, a continuation of her undergraduate music studies at UC Berkeley. Alice is now an even more formidable musical powerhouse, with an even deeper knowledge of the history and theory of music. Jordy has enthusiastically resumed taking lessons with Alice, with a focus on composition and theory. In their initial lessons, Jordy has learned about topics as diverse as Orpheus and Gregorian Chants while beginning work on an extended musical suite. I can't say I am surprised by the scope, velocity, quality, and audacity of their work, but I am awed." —Andrew Guldman

"Alice is not only a talented musician but also a gifted teacher. She builds her curriculum based on individual students and their personalities. I am so grateful she is my boys' piano teacher!" —Renee Deinken

"I have been taking piano lessons with Alice for almost a year, and she has  taught me so many wonderful things! I have been playing piano for eight years, and Alice is one of the best piano teachers I've had. She has really helped me bring out more emotion in the pieces I play.  I strongly recommend her—she's a great teacher for kids of all levels!" —Samantha, age 14

"We signed up our 3.5-year-old to start piano lessons with Alice and had simple expectations of fostering his love of music.  In a year and a half he has blossomed into a little piano player and a music enthusiast.  Alice's patience, engaging manner and love for music is positively influencing our son. His understanding of music theory and reading of music is fantastic. And, the playing of the piano in our home brings our entire family joy. We love hearing, 'Mom, do I get to see Teacher Alice today?' and look forward to many years of Teacher Alice day!  Alice is the best!"   —The Snover Family

"My son had the pleasure of being Alice's very first student when he was in middle school. He is about to graduate high school now and when we look back on our experience with Alice we only have fond memories.  Alice was always extremely cheerful, positive and friendly. She really wanted to find out what his goals were in taking lessons and gave him the freedom to choose music to learn that would keep him interested and engaged." —Diane Austin

"Ms. Alice was my son's piano teacher. He started lessons when he was five years old. She was kind, patient and engaging with him. He looked forward to piano lessons each week, and she encouraged him to perform in piano recitals. She provided a very nurturing environment. We are happy Ms. Alice is back from Princeton!" —Jen V.